In 1931 a long-sought dream came true. Giuseppe Cipriani Senior opened the doors of Harry's Bar in Venice. 

Nestled in a discreet stone building perched right on San Marco bay’s waterfront, he started the journey of what is today known as one of the most timeless and impeccably appointed Italian culinary establishment.

Serving Italian classic dishes in a relaxed and perfectly proportioned environment, Cipriani’s vision of hospitality and simple luxury quickly came to touch the soul of many, as much in Venice as all over the world.  Committed to serve its patrons with love and to an impeccable attention to details, Harry’s Bar rapidly grew its popularity becoming the meeting place of an eclectic clientele which included Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Wells and Truman Capote just to name a few.

Declared a National Landmark in 2001 by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs, Harry’s Bar represents today a milestone in the history of the Italian restaurant scene and the anchor to a global hospitality brand, grown into four generations of passion for authentic food, impeccable service and Italian traditions.


Keeping the very same Italian traditions alive through its culinary classics, C London Restaurant proudly represents the legacy of its founding father and pays tribute to Harry’s Bar timeless vison of hospitality and Italian excellence in London.

Since opening its doors at 23-25 Davies Street in 2004, C London has quickly established itself as one of the most appreciated and exclusive Italian restaurants in London.

Right at the centre of an eclectic, competitive and always evolving Mayfair’s restaurant scene, the underlining motto of the family is still driven by one timeless mission: serving with warm care authentic Italian food made with the best quality ingredients.

The same traditional Italian recipes from Harry’s Bar in Venice are offered at C London Restaurant, recreating that simple but impeccable experience of hospitality.

In London as in Venice, some classic dishes such as our own “tagliolini gratinati al prosciutto”, have been one of the most popular item on the menus for decades.

“The secret isn’t about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed. It is intangible but palpable. It can’t be patented, but even after eighty-nine years it hasn’t been duplicated by others” Cit, A.C.